Bridget L. ChristensenBridget L. Christensen founded her fitness blog back in 2003 whilst working at a large gym in LA. In 2017-2018 she expanded her personal blog into a network of fitness related blogs and social media fitness advocates.  In 2021 she was hit by the Coronavirus disease. In 2022 she will open a new nationwide fitness studio and wellness retreat based out of Hawaii.

Bridget L. Christensen is a fitness and wellness influencer, blogger and fitness expert. As well as owning a successful fitness company, she travels the globe, speaking at events, leading fitness classes and conducting personal training sessions. She is known for her feminine figure and love of travel. Bridget has over 200,000 Instagram followers.

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Having started it as a small personal fitness blog, she’s since seen it grow into something extremely special. She has built a community that she still oversees personally.

Humbled everyday by the opportunity to do what he loves best; Bridget is the Editor of Mahogany Blog, Head of editors for the Mahogany Sessions and oversees everything. She loves listening to new music and taking photos with a decent camera and big lens, cooking, relaxing and most of all writing and creating. She is also a photographer for Mahogany event planning, and presents on a variety of issues for the Mahogany community. Find more of Bridget on Instagram @therealbridgetpalmer.

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Delivering great fitness advice to your browser, make your treadmill running fly