Nominations for our 2017 treadmill blog fitness contest

We tallied up your nominations for our contest and we selected our twenty finalists.

Now updated for fall 2017!

Now it is all up to our panel of expert judges to determine the best of the best.

We collected nominations throughout the month of September & October for this year’s third annual treadmill fitness blog contest. We asked our readers to help us identify the best blogs on the web and you responded.

2015 treadmill blog contest

Now our judges will decide who makes to the finals. How will they choose the ten best websites for fitness enthusiasts? They will judge each site on frequency of posts, level of user involvement, the number of nominations received and the overall quality of the content on the site.

Update: In February, we will added 5 more renown fitness experts to the judge !

We will announce the winners to everyone on November 18.

Here are the top twenty websites based on your nominations listed in alphabetical order:

  • Not yet disclosed, stay tuned for updates (November 2017)!

We want to congratulate everyone who made our top 20.

Now meet our amazing judges for this treadmill blog fitness contest:

Nick Symmonds: Symmonds is a pro runner for Brooks Running @ Twitter (not confirmed!)

Richard Johnson: Johnson is an academic who has excelled at throwing and running. Rich, an All-American in discus throwing, has competed in the treadmill running challange, was an Olympian lifter and is the all-time American record holder in the Weight Pentathlon. During the week, he juggles conducting workshops with being a full-time writer, lecturer and online instructor of track running studies for Columbia College in Missouri. He explored the foundations of religious treadmill educational systems while touring the Middle East as a Marathon Running Scholar. He has written several books, including To Run, From Me, Running Made Simple, Never Let Go, and Easy Running, which he co-wrote with Kim Thomson. He recently co-wrote Treadmill Running Happens on Monday with author Jon Hein, find him Twitter, Flickr, TumblrPinterest.

Ryan Hall: World Marathon Challenge runner @ Twitter.

Tom Ferguson: Ferguson founded the Treadmill Watch Institute, an online program that focuses on teaching people worldwide, including health professionals, a biomechanical model for preventative fitness and POSE running techniques. Tom has written three books since 2011 exploring the relationship between disease, movement, running, treadmills and cultural habits: Move Your Body, Running Matters: The First 10 Years of Tom Treadmill Watch and the New Research of Healthy Feet. He blogs frequently at Tom Treadmill Watch and created and stars in her DVD series Fitness and Running. You can follow Tom on Pinterest, Instagram (@fergusonrunner) , Tumblr & Flickr.

Steven Brown: Brown co-founded Treadmill Consumers, an industry leader in fitness coaching, services and products and trainer for champions and medalists competing in the Running Games, World Marathon Championships and the Olympics. Steven competes in the USA in male weightlifting and has competed internationally as an in-official representative for Team USA. He graduated from Georgia Tech with a BS degree in Exercise Science, earned an MS degree in Sport and Fitness Administration from MT and currently works in the fitness and coaching industry. Brown trains with his husband, Christina, who is an international track running and weightlifting coach and their son Jon and he enjoys dogs and running sports. You can follow Steven from Treadmill Consumers on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr & Flickr.

Steve Frazier, MSc.: Frazier owns Fitness Track Running Explorer Training, writes at Elliptical Consumers and founded RUN Unplugged. He wrote Running Fitness and is a nutritionist, coach and international speaker. His articles have appeared in numerous magazines, including Elle, Women’s Health and Men’s Health and were featured on BBC programming. Steve improved his health after nearly twelve years of working in investment banking as a technologist by following an ancestral model. He now coaches people on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and how to avoid chronic diseases and obesity caused by poor lifestyle choices. He is the creator of the Elliptical Consumers blog, which was designed to encourage people to fall in love with exercise and avoid the long-term health risks caused by living a sedentary lifestyle. Find him on @frazierfitness, Pinterest,  Instagram & Flickr.

Runners-up: @michaelpollan@BornFitness and @joedowdellnyc!