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Running With The SOLE F63 Treadmill Review (UPDATED for 2022 Model)

Consider running barefoot with the SOLE F63 Treadmill? You’ll be enjoying the the most realistic running experience for achieving the perfect sense of natural movement, allowing for smoother, more efficient and easier motion. The key to this dynamic of running is in the natural pronation and supination of the foot and running technique.

But, we start with the “dry stuff”.

Just who is “Sole” anyway?

We believe, that looking at the issue of buying a piece of exercise equipment or anything for that matter, it is important to know who the company is behind what you are buying. Most times, people are buying things that they have never used or do not understand. So, it is very important to know who the company you are buying from is and what the products are all about.

Updated on: Nov 11, 2022

running on a sole treadmill quote

Sole Treadmills began as a company focusing the manufacture and sales of solid treadmill equipment for the hospitality industry. We see hotels of just about every category outfitted with fitness rooms, including treadmills as part of the exercise equipment offerings, and by a large part, it is Sole equipment that is used.

Sole has been very successful in capturing a large part of the hospitality market and then turned their attention to developing equipment for home use.

They took what they had learned from the hospitality industry, where we all know the equipment takes a beating, and applied the knowledge to building functional, solid and beautifully designed treadmill equipment for the home use market.

Sole Fitness 2022 Black Friday Week Exclusive Deals (11/25):

The Editor here (again). Black Friday 2022 is soon upon us and I’m seeing some great Sole Fitness Black Friday deals. Just yesterday, I spotted a great Sole F63 Black Friday deal, at 40% off from the ordinary price, it’s a steal (from now until November 25th). There is one catch though. It’s only for the week of Black Friday and Cyber Monday (maybe). If you are pondering investing in a new elliptical trainer, don’t miss out on this year’s, 2022 Black Friday Deals, an excellent opportunity to get a brand new Sole Fitness elliptical trainer at a great price.

The Sole F63 Treadmill 2022 Model

The Sole F63 Treadmill product specs have made this one of the premiere home Treadmill designs for Sole. Now we will take a closer look at the Sole treadmill F63 2022 model.

sole f63 treadmill

This has helped them to be the fastest growing brand in North America for the past 5 years, and they are working hard to continue in that way. They also pride themselves in customer satisfaction and profess to treat each customer as if they know them personally.

sole f63 treadmill start stop

The Sole F63 Treadmill product specs built into this great machine has helped to carry on Sole’s tradition of quality equipment and customer support for the home market. Below, we provide some of the technical details that separate the “men from the boys.”

sole f63 frame

The Sole F63 Treadmill product specs provide many features one may only find on commercial models, and at a price that will not break the bank.

sole f63 frame 2

Features of the F63 Treadmill

The Sole F63 Treadmill product specs for this Treadmill have a 6-year history in the residential market.

sole f63 treadmill lcd display

They include a large 20-inch wide by 5-foot long treadmill, and the control display is a large 6.5 inches. As well, standard are speed and incline controls, conveniently located on the arms for easy access.

The features of the Sole F63 Treadmill product specs are numerous and for ease of reading are presented in point form for your judicious consideration.  Also make sure to read-up on the difference between the Sole F63 and F80.

  1. First, what about the beef? One of the Sole F63 product specs describes the Treadmill coming with a strong three horsepower motor. This provides more than sufficient to power the Treadmill Belt to 12-Miles Per Hour (MPH). The slowest speed is 0.5 MPH and at 12 MPH and a maximum of 15% or 8.5 degree’s incline the F63 is more than capable of making you sweat in a workout.
  2. Another of the Sole F63 Treadmill product specs outlines that the Treadmill comes with a large 5-foot running surface, allowing the unit to be easily folded to store out of the way when not in use.
  3. Come and pick your running program from one of the six that are standard with the F63 Treadmill, when you take it out of the box. There is a sufficient range and opportunity for you to do an excellent cardio or specific fat burning program.
  4. The F63 Treadmill comes with all the safety features you require to complete your workout in a safe environment. The Treadmill has slow-speed start to allow you to begin your workout without strain, and the safety kill switch is easily accessible.
  5. Controls, the F63 Treadmill has controls that are well laid out and with an interesting twist of being located on the arm-rest to provide easier access.
  6. Watch what you are doing and how you are performing with the large LCD Display that provides readouts for:
    • Calories Burned
    • Speed and distance
    • Heart Rate
    • Time and distance traveled
    • How steep the hill is you are climbing
  7. You do not want to get bored with all that running, and the F63 Treadmill comes with built in speakers for your listening enjoyment.
  8. Just in case you have a problem, which is a very low probability event, Sole provides a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, one year as a contribution to labour costs, and three years for the running deck and electronics.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the F63 Treadmill

Now that you know the “beef” of the Sole F63 Treadmill, following is what we consider the advantages and disadvantages of the total package.

F63 Advantages

  1. We start with the construction, which should last a lifetime, and that is backed up by their warranty. Unless you have the thought to drop this thing from your 20th-floor balcony, you should expect many years of trouble-free use from the frame and other metal components.
  2. The running deck is shock absorbing, but we leave an assessment of the utility of this to the customer.
  3. The controls are located on the armrest, which is an excellent move, improving access while exercising. As well, the large 6.5-inch LCD screen provides ample size to read all the important measurements easily.
  4. Programming is as easy as pushing a few buttons, or you can select your exercise regime from one of the six programs provided.
  5. The manufacturer provides a 30-day money back guarantee if the F63 Treadmill is purchased from an official supplier. There is no mention if this includes reimbursement for freight, and with the weight, makes sure that this is the right Treadmill unit for you – which we do not see why it would not be.

F63 Disadvantages

  1. There is not much that can be presented as disadvantages to the F63 Treadmill. Size and weight may be considered a disadvantage, but they what would one expect from a Treadmill anyway?

F63 Treadmill Reviews

The reviews for the Treadmill as a whole and the Sole F63 Treadmill product specs have been very positive, suggesting it presents excellent value and coming with commercial grade components, it should last for many years.

sole treadmill f63 heart monitor

As we have stated, there is not much that can be said against the F63 and the users’ comments suggest the same.

This treadmill has been Soles best-selling machine for 6 years straight and with their constant focus on customer satisfaction and equipment improvement, it is obvious that the F63 Treadmill will stay as a winner for a long time to come. The Sole F63 Treadmill has been recommended at The Sole F63 Treadmill is a simple maintenance machine, with just the simple switches to select the level of the resistance as well as adjust the tension.

We can certainly see why the Sole F63 Treadmill has found its way into many homes and we know that you will find this machine a welcome addition for completing your exercise regime for the safety, security and comfort of your home. They say never judge a book by its cover and we’d be inclined to agree. With the F63, a machine from the famed SOLE brand, it certainly has a classy appearance, which makes it a smart choice.

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Nominations for our 2017 treadmill blog fitness contest

We tallied up your nominations for our contest and we selected our twenty finalists.

Now updated for fall 2017!

Now it is all up to our panel of expert judges to determine the best of the best.

We collected nominations throughout the month of September & October for this year’s third annual treadmill fitness blog contest. We asked our readers to help us identify the best blogs on the web and you responded.

2015 treadmill blog contest

Now our judges will decide who makes to the finals. How will they choose the ten best websites for fitness enthusiasts? They will judge each site on frequency of posts, level of user involvement, the number of nominations received and the overall quality of the content on the site.

Update: In February, we will added 5 more renown fitness experts to the judge !

We will announce the winners to everyone on November 18.

Here are the top twenty websites based on your nominations listed in alphabetical order:

  • Not yet disclosed, stay tuned for updates (November 2017)!

We want to congratulate everyone who made our top 20.

Now meet our amazing judges for this treadmill blog fitness contest:

Nick Symmonds: Symmonds is a pro runner for Brooks Running @ Twitter (not confirmed!)

Richard Johnson: Johnson is an academic who has excelled at throwing and running. Rich, an All-American in discus throwing, has competed in the treadmill running challange, was an Olympian lifter and is the all-time American record holder in the Weight Pentathlon. During the week, he juggles conducting workshops with being a full-time writer, lecturer and online instructor of track running studies for Columbia College in Missouri. He explored the foundations of religious treadmill educational systems while touring the Middle East as a Marathon Running Scholar. He has written several books, including To Run, From Me, Running Made Simple, Never Let Go, and Easy Running, which he co-wrote with Kim Thomson. He recently co-wrote Treadmill Running Happens on Monday with author Jon Hein, find him Twitter, Flickr, TumblrPinterest.

Ryan Hall: World Marathon Challenge runner @ Twitter.

Tom Ferguson: Ferguson founded the Treadmill Watch Institute, an online program that focuses on teaching people worldwide, including health professionals, a biomechanical model for preventative fitness and POSE running techniques. Tom has written three books since 2011 exploring the relationship between disease, movement, running, treadmills and cultural habits: Move Your Body, Running Matters: The First 10 Years of Tom Treadmill Watch and the New Research of Healthy Feet. He blogs frequently at Tom Treadmill Watch and created and stars in her DVD series Fitness and Running. You can follow Tom on Pinterest, Instagram (@fergusonrunner) , Tumblr & Flickr.

Steven Brown: Brown co-founded Treadmill Consumers, an industry leader in fitness coaching, services and products and trainer for champions and medalists competing in the Running Games, World Marathon Championships and the Olympics. Steven competes in the USA in male weightlifting and has competed internationally as an in-official representative for Team USA. He graduated from Georgia Tech with a BS degree in Exercise Science, earned an MS degree in Sport and Fitness Administration from MT and currently works in the fitness and coaching industry. Brown trains with his husband, Christina, who is an international track running and weightlifting coach and their son Jon and he enjoys dogs and running sports. You can follow Steven from Treadmill Consumers on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr & Flickr.

Steve Frazier, MSc.: Frazier owns Fitness Track Running Explorer Training, writes at Elliptical Consumers and founded RUN Unplugged. He wrote Running Fitness and is a nutritionist, coach and international speaker. His articles have appeared in numerous magazines, including Elle, Women’s Health and Men’s Health and were featured on BBC programming. Steve improved his health after nearly twelve years of working in investment banking as a technologist by following an ancestral model. He now coaches people on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and how to avoid chronic diseases and obesity caused by poor lifestyle choices. He is the creator of the Elliptical Consumers blog, which was designed to encourage people to fall in love with exercise and avoid the long-term health risks caused by living a sedentary lifestyle. Find him on @frazierfitness, Pinterest,  Instagram & Flickr.

Runners-up: @michaelpollan@BornFitness and @joedowdellnyc!

Comparative Analysis: Sole F85 Treadmill & Nordictrack 1750 Mini Review

In this short Sole F85 treadmill review and Nordictrack 1750 treadmill review we fill compare the main features of each product with each other. But first, you should know that Sole Fitness also manufactures other more or less similar, but less know, treadmills such as the F80 and the F63. Now, let’s begin our mini review.

sole f85 logo 1

nordictrack 1750 commercial

The dizzying pace of our modern lives often leaves us with little time to hit the gym after a long day of work. A treadmill makes for a solid investment into a healthier lifestyle. However, choosing between different treadmills available on the market is never easy. There are various specifications, options and features that need to be taken into account. To make that process easier for you, we have narrowed our search down to two great treadmill models, and have done a comparative analysis for you. Tonight’s matchup is Sole f85 vs Nordictrack 1750 treadmill.

Price: Sole F85 Treadmill vs. Nordictrack 1750

Often the first place buyers look when purchasing any new product is the pricing of items.

The Sole f85 is priced at $1799.99 and comes in a grey folding model with a high-tech display. The Nordictrack 1750 is easier on the budget. It’s priced at $1499 with a grey model and an advanced 7” touch screen display.

Key Specifications: Sole F85 Treadmill

In terms of Sole f85 Treadmill and the Nordictrack 1750 treadmill, let’s talk first about the Sole f85.

sole f85 logo 2

This model has a maximum user capacity of 400lbs and has a 9” LCD with blue backlit display. The Sole f85 weighs 265lbs, and has a wide running surface of 22” and length of 60”, which is a comfort advantage for runners. It has standard emergency shut off switches, cooling fans and portals for iPod and mp3 connectivity with built in speakers.

sole f85 lcd

The Sole f85 treadmill is frequently featured and reviewed on many health and fitness blogs and forums. So there is no shortage of Sole f85 reviews online, just google and you will find a plethora of different reviewers. It was reviewed by Jamie Miller {##about} in one of his most recent treadmill reviews {##}.

Key Specifications: Nordictrack 1750 Treadmill

The Nordictrack 1750 on the other hand has a maximum user capacity of 300lbs. The NordicTrack fitness company was originally founded in 1975 by Edward Pauls.

nordictrack 1750 logo

It comes with a 7” touch screen with web connectivity, allowing you access not only to your workout stats, but also to email, social media and news as you run. In terms of unfolded size, the Nordictrack 1750 takes up more space but matches Sole f85’s running surface of 22” by 60”. There are two cooling fans, standard emergency shut off switches with portals and speakers for music devices.

nordictrack 1750 compete and track

A removable bracket is available for tablet placement to combine other fitness apps with your workout.

nordictrack 1750 ifit

Product Features: Mini Sole F85 Treadmill Review And Mini Nordictrack 1750 Treadmill Review

The Sole f85 treadmill comes equipped with pulse grips and chest straps for advanced Heart Rate Technology.

The speed levels range from 0.5mph to 12mph and 0-15% incline rack levels. The cushion flex whisper deck makes for good shock absorption by 40% and easier running. It has a folding deck design and transport wheels for easy storage. Additionally, there are quick adjustment controls for better control during the workout. The machine comes with 10 preset workouts (6 standard settings, 2 user defined settings, 2 heart rate sensitive settings). The display screen allows review of peak and valley graphs and 0.25 mile track feature.

nordictrack 1750 1 step incline

Nordictrack 1750 comes with a Polar wireless heart monitoring system, including a chest strap and sensors on the handlebars, to optimize your workout. The speed levels of the Nordictrack 1750 compare equally to Sole f85, ranging from 0.5mph to 12mph. The maximum incline is also 15% and there is an option for a decline up to 3% as well, which gives Nordictrack an advantage. This model comes equipped with Runner’s Flex cushioning as well to absorb physical shock by 30%. However, another advantage of this model is that the cushioning can be turned off to emulate the feel of running outside. SpaceSaver technology allows for quick and easy storage, as the treadmill is easily foldable. A significant advantage of the Nordictrack 1750 over Solef85 is in context of the workout program offerings. This model offers an astounding 38 programs designed by certified trainers to choose from speed training to calorie burning to heart rate control. Users can also subscribe to iFit app on the treadmill screen and partake in custom programs.

The graphs and track features are identical to Sole f85.


Sole f85 has been advertised as quiet engine, but in reality, that claim has been disputed.

Additionally users have claimed certain design flaws on an overall good machine. The cooling fans have also garnered disdain from past users.

For the Nordictrack 1750, setting up of the machine can be a cumbersome process, requiring the attention of several people at once.

sole f85 incline
Sole f85 incline control.
sole f85 speed
Sole f85 speed control.

Sole and Nordictrack Treadmill User Reviews:

Both machines have significantly positive reviews on online websites, with greater volume of reviews available for Sole f85, signaling a greater market presence and popularity.

However, the extremely positive reviews are also coupled with complaints of squeaks and noises, as well as an unwieldy cooling system. As for the Nordictrack, the chief complaint is in relevance to its assembly, but customers have recommended lubricants for squeaks too.

Final Verdict: Sole F85 Treadmill versus the Nordictrack 1750 Treadmill

In the Sole f85 Treadmill vs Nordictrack 1750 treadmill matchup, given its display system and additional work out programs, as well as its promised value for money, the Nordictrack 1750 may be a better buy. You can find out more information about Nordictrack on Funding Universe (see below).

Sources and More:

Barefoot Running: The Sole F80 Treadmill Review

The Sole F80 treadmill is considered to be an interesting choice in the fitness industry, we therefor decided to check it out the technology behind it in this review.

It is sometimes ranked top treadmill in its price range. It is popular due to many unique qualities. One of these is its patented Cushion Flex Whisper Deck. It is a specialized material that is used to cover the running deck of the treadmill. Material that reduces the impact that a runner feels on it by up to 40% when compared to running outdoors on surfaces such as asphalt. As a result of this high quality, unique deck, the treadmill can last for a very long time. It has a powerful motor to run it.

sole f80 treadmill kill switch

sole f80 treadmill belt II

sole f80 treadmill belt I

The machine can attain challenging speeds and thus is good for fitness enthusiasts as well as athletes. In addition to this, after one has completed running on it, you can simply lock it into place safely. The frame was designed to be as mobile as a hotel room cart but very powerful as well. Thus, you can use it in your hotel room or at home as well. It has a frame that folds up very efficiently. Thus, no accidents can occur on this treadmill after you have finished with it. Moreover, this treadmill has a big red button that you can use to switch the machine off. There are many other features on the Sole f80 that make it a superb, high quality treadmill.

Read on to learn more about the sole f80 treadmill technology.

Sole F80 Treadmill Performance

The Sole F80 treadmill is marketed as a high performance machine.

sole f80 treadmill console I

sole f80 treadmill console II

Thus, it has features that encourage you to push yourself to your fitness limits. Firstly, it is powered by a 3.5 Continuous Horsepower (CHP) motor. According to this review, this Sole F80 treadmill power plant can help you to achieve speeds ranging from 0.5 miles per hour (mph) to 12 miles per hour (mph). The motor has cooling fans. In addition to that, you can control the speed of the motor using buttons placed on the arm rests of the F80 treadmill.

Features of the treadmill

The deck is designed such that it has a low profile running hood.

This allows your feet to stay clear of the front edge of the running belt. Also, the machine has 2.75 inch rollers to move the belt. It is similar to the one Ken Bob used in his slow motion video showing barefoot running foot placement. They have sealed bearings and each roller has copper ground wires. These reduce the static electricity that develops as they work. The rollers are large so as to have more contact with the running belt. Moreover, they increase the life of the belt and thus that of the machine. In addition to that, the belt is made of a 2 ply woven material that is covered with 1 inch Cushion Flex Whisper Deck material. Thus, the belt stays very strong over the lifetime of the treadmill and the Cushion Flex reduces the impact of your feet on the deck.

sole f80 treadmill belt full II

sole f80 treadmill belt full I

Running on the Sole f80 treadmill is a silent affair since the motor runs silently and the belt absorbs the impact resulting in almost silent running.

10 Pre-Programmed Workouts

This treadmill has 10 pre-programmed settings for workouts.

6 of these are Standard settings, 2 of them are Defined by Users and 2 of them measure the Heart Rate. While running on the treadmill, you can adjust the incline of the deck by 15 different settings. This treadmill has a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen that tells you the statistics of your workout. The screen has a width of 7.5 inches. It has the capability to show a peak/valley graph as well as a track that lasts for a ¼ mile. It also shows your speed, time, distance you have covered and the rate of your heartbeat. It can also show you the number of calories that you have burnt and your pace too. The Sole F80 treadmill can also give you messages about your workout as you run.

This helps to guide you through it effectively.

The messages are shown on an alphanumeric text center and the scroll as you run.

Treadmill Safety & The Sole F80

The treadmill is also designed such that it is easy to work with, and it should also be safe to use.

It has ergonomic hand pulse grips. These are easy to grasp and handle firmly. Moreover, it comes with a wireless strap for your chest. This allows the machine to monitor your heart rate as you run. Should anything happen during your run that warrants you to stop the workout, then it has emergency stop features (treadmill kill switch). These are large switches to help you start up or stop the machine. It also has a safety key switch. When you turn it, the motor stops immediately. Make sure that you read up on safety before your start working out on a treadmill, recently reviewed safe practices and better “smart” exercise equipment to prevent injuries from home workout equipment.

Another safety feature is its low profile running hood.

Sole Treadmill Entertainment & Fitness Center

It is important to stay entertained as you exercise.

Thus, the F80 allows you to connect your iPod or Mp3 player to it and listen to your music from loud speakers. Moreover, it has a built in music system in case you don’t have your portable Mp3 player or iPod with you. It also has cup holders for storing your water bottle or refreshments as you work out. After you have completed your workout, you can move and store this treadmill very easily. The deck can fold easily. Moreover, this Sole treadmill has transport wheels. These allow you to transport it away easily to a storage area. When you buy your Sole treadmill, you get a treadmill that is large enough for even big athletes to train on. Its deck has a width of 35 inches, a height of 58 inches and depth of 80 inches. Moreover, it has a running surface whose width is 35 inches and depth is 80 inches (you can compare the F80 to the F63 here).

sole f80 treadmill folding I

sole f80 treadmill folding II

It can handle people whose weight ranges from 265 to 375 pounds.

Warranties And Price Of The Sole F80 Treadmill

Once you get this treadmill, you can be sure of support from the manufacturer.

It has a lifetime warranty for the deck, frame and the motor. Thus, if it ever malfunctions, all you have to do is contact the manufacturers and they will sort you out. Moreover, it has a 5 year warranty for the electronics as well as the parts that can wear out.

The Sole F80 treadmill is made in Taiwan and for $1, 499, you can have this treadmill at your own home.