Aug 21

Mahogany Minute with Bo Saris

I grew up… in the South of Holland, in a small town called “Venlo”.

Now you can find me… mainly in London & wherever I’m able to travel to.

It all started when… I was a little boy, my father was & still is a Jazz musician, my mother loved soul & funk music so there’s always been music in our house. I grew up with music surrounding me all the time.

When I’m not on stage or in the studio, you’ll probably find me… at some gig or in a restaurant with friends. Sometimes even just scrolling on the streets on my own, clearing my mind or getting inspiration from what I see & feel around me.

My most treasured piece of musical equipment… will probably be my Fender Rhodes Suitcase, It’s old but it still sounds Phatt, warm & I still love the look of it more then the new gear.

If there’s one album that’s inspired me… it’s unfortunately not one ;) – because with me it can always switch depending on which period of my life I’m going through, but a few of the most inspiring albums of all time for me would be “What’s Going On, Purple Rain, Thriller, Songs in The key of my life, Superfly, Live in the Carnegie Hall Bill Withers” yeah I know I just can’t name one, sorry.

My favorite festival… used to be “North Sea Jazz” but I’m looking forward on playing on many different festivals in the future, so It could probably change quickly;). To be continued…?

A highlight of my musical career so far… would be playing on a tribute concert for bill withers last year, and the man himself sat right in front me, thought that was pretty cool. Absolutely one of my highlights.

I wish I hadn’t… given away my “Oldsmobile Cutless” a real vintage American car which stood at my mothers house in Spain for years, too bad it had to be removed, so I had to give it away. Those were different times let’s put it that way.

If your new to my music, I suggest listening to “She’s On Fire” first ;-)

My most recent release is “She’s On Fire (Maya Jane Coles Remix) + Original” & I’m still working on finishing a album which I hope to release soon. We keep you posted.


Bo Saris – She’s On Fire

Bo Saris – She’s On Fire (Maya Jane Coles Remix)

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