Jun 05

Introducing… Dave Aju

Dave Aju (real name Marc Barrite) has just released his second album ‘Heirlooms’, and it was this wonderful album rather than his  2008 album made entirely of sounds made with his own mouth that made this West Coast producer catch our ear. Aju’s latest album is made up entirely of samples taken from his late father’s record collection and old instruments – a touching way to pay tribute to his father’s life long love of making jazz music.

Tracks like ‘Rise’ show a deep gravelly vocal delivery that isn’t disimilar from artists like Matthew Dear, but this tracks has more soulful undertones. On the flip to that ‘Ms. Reposado’ has a filthy funk bassline and a disco danceability to it. This album isn’t going to be coming off my stereo any time soon.

Dave Aju – Rise

Dave Aju – Ms. Reposado

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