May 10

POW! // Only Children

These three gentleman have thrown aside the stereotypical traits associated with being an only child, and since 2009 they’ve been working together on creating some of finest disco, funk and disco that Chicago has to offer.

With the big responses received online and in clubs to their sounds (and rightfully so), Only Children started their own label called Nuclear Family and that platform has led to some huge tunes. ‘Down Fever’ is one the their most recent tracks (the one with the Whitney Houston sample) and it’s since been used by The Magician and Zimmer in their latest mixes which has resulted in it becoming their biggest SoundCloud hit to date.

Earlier edits reveal their influences stemming from the depths of disco and soul – you’ll find The Brothers Johnson, Michael Jackson and this reworking of Prince’s Uptown Girl in their back catalogue.

Their mix for Chicagoist last year feels has definite hints of a Greg Wilson mix but the additions of Todd Terje, Crazy P and LexiconDon inject a slightly more modern house/funk feel.

In The Middle Of Waking Up (Chicagoist Mix #10)

1. Don’t Stop (Paul Mix) | Only Children
2. NY Jump (BC Edit) | Disco Deviance
3. Groove Is In The Heart (Gigamesh Remix) | Deee-Lite
4. Sister Of Soul, Brothers Of Funk (Greg Wilson Version) | 6ix Toys
5. Do It Good (Crazy P’s “We Found The Parts” Remix) | Crazy P
6. Set Sail (Only Children Uppers/Downers Remix) | LexiconDon
7. Freak-A-Zoid | Midnight Star
8. Slap My Bass Up | Disco Socks
9. Gonna Be Alright | Andrew Crom & Martin Dawson
10. I Want Your Love (Dimitri From Paris Remix) | Chic
11. Ragysh | Todd Terje
12. Don’t Stop (Mighty Mouse Instrumental Dub Remix) | Only Children

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