May 22

In The Mix(tape) – Py

The wonderful Py has released her first full mixtape for free download.  ’Tripping On Wisdom’ features some of the great records Py has been releasing over the last few months, and lots of fresh material she has been recording with some of the best underground beatmakers like Throwing Snow, BretonLabs and Damu. Between the tracks are atmospheric field recordings taken on Py’s journey from Brighton to London. We also love the acapella opening here – a cover of Louis Armstrong’s Wonderful World. She was one of our tips for 2012 and she is living up to the hype.

Py – Tripping On Wisdom Mixtape

Wonderful World cover Interlude

Py – Lungs
Py- Whispers (feat. iO)
Py- Black Magic (feat. Kadabrah)
Py – Crowns (feat Greenwood Sharps)
Py – Blind (feat. Damu)
Py – These Strings (feat. Throwing Snow)
Py – Marigold (feat. Black and White Diamond Tiles)
Py – Withdraw the Ambassador (feat. BretonLabs)
Py – Video Footage (feat. Raffertie)

Interludes including Signal to Noise on Analogue Tape Glove, Field Recordings and Acapellas by Py

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