Feb 13

Monday Digest Vol. 2

It’s Monday and whether you’re in the office, at home, school or college, or sumo wrestling (?) this new weekly post is designed to help start it in the best possible way.

Today James Blake is going to kick things off performing an amazing live rendition of The Wilhelm Scream on Jools Holland. Time for a cup of tea?

It’s easy for Monday’s to lack the inspiration and energy needed to accomplish all the tasks at hand, and so looking elsewhere can ignite that spark in your brain. I’ll never forget pressing play on the Original Pirate Material LP by The Streets back in 2002 and hearing the opening song. You can’t help but climb with Mike Skinner as the song builds and builds. The perfect remedy to work through that to-do list…

Now it’s an absolute given that Miike Snow will once again become an pivotal musical focus on Mahogany Blog this year with their new album and subsequent videos and remixes. ‘Happy To You’ is released in March and Jacques Lu Cont is the latest producer to rework their new material.

Now we’re going to round up on the musical proceedings with another live video. An entire 11 minutes of musical bliss which transports you into the ecstatic crowds. Taken from a show in Cologne, Four Tet perform Sun!



  • Very cool office product which transforms any wall into a whiteboard. [ideapaint]
  • If you’re ever screamed because your keyring attacked you, this press-to-open version is a revolution! [notcot]
  • Alonzo aka Creasey aka Denzel Washington talks about Oscars, race and more [guardian]


  • @IndustryWanker – the state of major labels explained through this despicable but hilarious Tweeter.
  • @localnatives – there’s a new album on it’s way this year, so best keep an eye on their updates.


  • Hugely inspirational tear-jerker about Dick Hoyt and his disabled son Rick, who together run marathons around the world for charity and awareness. [YouTube]
  • Bon Iver being interviewed on Studio Q – great online talk without the restrictions of broadcast tv or radio. [Studio Q]

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