Dec 01

Hannes Fischer // Mahogany Mix 005

Germany’s Hannes Fischer only just featured as our Producer of the Week for his fantastic originals and bootlegs and he’s kindly found the time to create an exclusive Mahogany mix. Have a listen, read some words from the man below and keep an eye for him in 2012!

Hannes Fischer // Mahogany Mix 005

01. Ferrein – Tomorrow (Live Teaser)
02. Kolombo – Waiting For (Original Mix)
03. Andre Obin – Soft Rain (Patrice Baumel Future Mix)
04. Little Dragon & Tycho – Little Man (Slow-Mo Edit)
05. Zola Jesus – Hikikomori
06. Four Tet – Angel Echoes (Caribou Remix)
07. Radiohead – Lotus Flower (Jaques Green Remix)
08. Nicolas Jaar – Don’t Break My Love
09. The Weeknd – Rolling Stone (Hannes Fischer Edit)
10. Life In A Box – Tree Of Life

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Tell us a bit about your Mahogany Mix

I used mainly tracks that I had on my ipod before, I listen to them every day, when I’m outside, walking around, on the subway and so on. But there are some new tracks, too. Most of the tracks were released over this year so it’s probably some kind of “favourites of 2011″ podcast for me, but yeah, it’s just a small part of the great tracks from this year. It’s probably not the average dj-mix but worth a listen for sure!

What’s your method of approach when starting a new remix?

When I’m doing a remix, it’s actually always the same way, I hear a song, on a blog for example and I know in the first moment I want to work with this track. I take the original song and start building loops that sound good to me. I love to change sounds like pitching or slowing them down. When I find something I think I can work with, I start to build the beats and put everything together in the end. that’s it.

What’s next for Hannes Fischer?

Future plans? I think I will just do, what I do at the moment. Discovering good music and their creators, meeting new people, enjoying life. This year I felt like in a spiral, rushing to the center, it’s kind of crazy but I love how everything is going faster and faster everyday. In the next month I will concentrate on producing and djing only, I have the time now and I want to use it, it’s totally worth it.


Also before we end this post, Hannes dropped his Lana Del Ray remix but it was taken down from SoundCloud unfortunately. Luckily we’ve got a copy and easily the best Video Games remix out there in our opinion so wrap your ears around this!

Lana Del Rey – Video Games (Hannes Fischer Remix)right click, save as to download

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