Aug 24

Submotion Orchestra

Dubstep hasn’t just spread all over the UK, it’s now global yet in many ways the evolution of the genre is happening at it’s birthplace.

Submotion Orchestra consist of 7 incredibly talented individuals from Leeds (UK) and led by vocalist Ruby, they incorporate deep bass-driven grooves and dense textures in their progressive live dubstep sound and having seen them play live at Secret Garden Party, I’m an avid fan.

They’re single, Always, is previewed below alongside some hype remixes from the likes of LAXX and Synkro. These kinds of tasters are massively important to get the juices flowing, especially considering they’re preparing to embark on a full UK tour (details here).

Submotion Orchestra – Always

[soundcloud url=""]

Submotion Orchestra – Always (Synkro Remix) [preview]

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Submotion Orchestra – Always (LAXX Remix) [preview]

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