Jul 11

Casual Encounters // Mahogany Mix 001

For a good while now we’ve been wanting to get closer to the DJs and Producers that we love and so we’ve created a new and exclusive series on which Mahogany sets out to do just that.

We’re inviting our favourite producers from around the globe to create an exclusive Mahogany guest mix as well as answer some questions in an exclusive Q&A.

All the mixes will be hosted on our SoundCloud page so head over and follow us to make sure you’re always up-to-date.

Without further ado, we’re absolutely delighted to have Casual Encounters as the first producers on board.

Casual Encounters // Mahogany Mix 001

01. Azizy – Outdoors
02. Zoe’s Raygun – Fly Zoe Fly (Raygun Dub)
03. Poolside – Do You Believe? (Cosmic Kids Remix)
04. Tensnake – Congolal (Rework)
05. Sia – Cloud (Plastic Plates Remix)
06. Juan Soto – ISS 2015
07. Flash Mode – Solo Flight
08. Casual Encounters – Million Dollar Smile
09. Mark Seven – Pillow Talk

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/18504631"]

Who are you and where are you from?

We’re Casual Encounters, which is myself (Shawn Mac) from California, living in Houston at the moment, and Chas Bronz from Wisconsin, currently living in Boston. We’re a duo who produces Disco, House, French house, New Wave, and Funk.

Has Houston influenced your music, if so, how?

Houston really hasn’t influenced us as I’ve been here for a few months only. I was living in Dubai the past few years, and having a great dance music scene there gained a lot of perspective into what we should do, along with the rich culture of music in Boston. Combined living in different places, we’ve gained understanding of a wide range of different styles, and kind of took those experiences and ideas and brought them to the table.

How did Casual Encounters come to be and what’s next?

Casual Encounters came about in January 2010. I had gotten in touch with Chas, as I was a big fan of his work with one of his projects Long Distance Analog. Over a period of time we realized we were on the same page style wise and our ideas clicked, so we decided to form a duo in Jan 2010. The name Casual Encounters has two meanings actually, one being funny for the known reason of what Casual Encounters are, but also cause we both got to know each other online, so it has a dual meaning.

We have a lot of stuff cooking in the oven. We’ve finished three EPs, two of those EPs which have collaborations from our buddy Honom, and disco/house mastermind and close friend Walter Jones. We’re also working on a few remixes at the moment, so in the next few months you’ll be seeing a lot of releases from us.

Tell us about SpaceWalker Recordings…

SpaceWalker Recordings is the label I (Shawn Mac) started with my buddy Szilard Prech (Holic). We came up with the idea late 2009, and since then we’ve just been working really hard to maintain that high standard of music we all enjoy.

Who are your biggest influences in the dance music world?

From the newer generation of disco and house, we’d have to say Sare Havlicek, Walter Jones, Tensnake, Ajello, Joey Negro, Marcello Giordani, Greg Wilson, Lovebirds, FM Attack, and Vincenzo.

And then legends like Zapp & Roger, Hubert Eaves, Paul Hardcastle, Dimitri From Paris, Gap Band, Billy Idol, and Evelyn Champagne King.

What’s your most treasured piece of studio equipment?

1978 Les Paul Deluxe or the Prophet 5. Hard to choose cause both can really give a unique and fantastic sound.

What’s on your studio wish list?

Jupiter 8 is definitely one of the main synths we’d love to own.

Tell us a bit about your Mahogany Blog Guest mix…

For this mix, we did something special. Since it’s summer time, we started off the mix with a relaxing laidback vibe, and slowly builds up to peak dancefloor time. We made sure to have variety in our tracks so that there is at least one track from each sub genre of disco and house, so a larger and diverse audience can enjoy it.

Tell us a secret…

We’ve produced countless tracks together and have done numerous remix, yet we still haven’t met in person. That’s one of the funny and great things about technology, it enables us to connect with like-minded people across long distances.



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