Dec 25

Merry Christmas!

I’ve got a couple of days off work to celebrate Christmas so I’m going to officially sign off from Mahogany until Boxing Day or the day after.

I’m currently preparing a special New Years Eve post which I’m excited about but until then I thought I’d leave you all with an indistinguishable classic by The Fugees. Most, if not all of you will already be familiar with this track but that’s not important because you might not have listened to it in ages!

This particular track is a bonus version of Fu-Gee-La and features Wyclef, Lauryn and Pras demonstrating their worldly wisedom by doing almost the entire song in a range of different languages. There’s French, Japanese, Creole and a whole lot more than I can’t pinpoint.

It’s a fitting song for the year we’ve had where we’ve seen visitors from all over the world come to enjoy the music we love. From Afghanistan to Russia to China and even Papua New Guinea! So, if your language is featured or even if it’s not, consider this track a thank-you for reading.

Merry Christmas Everyone and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the support!

Fugees – Fu-gee-la (Refugee Camp Global Mix)

We never usually do this but it’s something the Fugee’s prided themselves on and that was highlighted the blight of the poverty. I’ve attached a link to Oxfam so if anything feels like donated a fiver or a tenner then it’s easy. We’ve just done it.

Check the link for more information…Oxfam International.

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